ד"ר משה פרחי

ד"ר משה פרחי

Head of the Social Work Department, Tel Hai College, Israel.

The founder and the Head of the Stress, Trauma and Resilience Studies in the department in of Social Work, Tel-Hai College, Israel.

Academic background:

Dr. Farchi's academic background includes master in public health and Ph.d in social work.  Dr. Farchi's research and practice activities are in the field of resilience empowerment as well as trauma symptoms reduction mainly during the acute stage of the trauma (ASR-ASD). Dr. Farchi expertise is in emergency mental health interventions, Psychological First Aid, Psychological inoculation and other protocols for emergency PFA interventions. 

IDF: A.  Senior mental health officer (Lt. Colonel) in the Home Front Command.

Deputy commander of the Home Front Command mental health branch

       B. The creator & professional manager of the IDF "MAGEN" project based on the SIX C's
       Model  for treating    traumatized solders   on  the field by other nonprofessional solders         and reducing to  minimum the need for  professional interventions during disaster &

Search & rescue  unit :A. Head of the resilience teem in the Golan search & rescue unit . 

                                         B. Medic, member of the emergency medical team.  

Volunteer medic in the Israeli EMS "MADA" A.    EMS –" MADA"

                                 B. Leading the SIX C's  framework for MADA medics.

National committees' membership:

Prime minister office:  National Security Council: Member of the committee for gender mainstreaming.

Ministry of health: The committee for planning and implementing emergency mental health interventions during disaster end emergencies.

Led trauma relief efforts during operation Cast Lead (2010,  Operation Pillar of Defense (2012), Operation Protective Edge (2014)  . Developed tools, models and guidelines such as the SIX C's model  for acute  trauma interventions. Dr. Farchi was also the head of several  

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