The 1st MD-PhD Program Student Conference

30 במאי 2023, 9:00 - 14:00 
באוניברסיטת תל אביב הפקולטה לרפואה 
The 1st MD-PhD Program Student Conference

The 1st MD-PhD Program Student Conference Room 201, Faculty of Medicine, TAU


09:00 – Gathering
09:20 – Ice breaker
09:40 – Opening remarks
             Prof. Karen Avraham
             Prof. Dan Grisaru
09:50 – Student lectures - Panel 1 11:00 – Coffee break
11:15 – Student lectures - Panel 2
12:30 – Lunch break
13:00 – Prof. Shai Izraeli – The best scientist among physicians and the best physician among scientists – why we need physician-scientists?
14:00 – Concluding remarks


Panel 1

Gil Leor - Characterizing the Landscape of Chromothripsisin Human Cancer Cell Lines


Sagi Gordon - Identification of Chemo- resistance Mechanisms and Prognostic Markers in Pediatric Ewing Sarcoma tumor Using MS-based Clinical Proteomics


Adnan Mahly - Anillin governs mitotic rounding during early epidermal development


Tal Bamberger - Developing a multi- disease dysbiosis index that characterizes the gut microbiome


Natalie Zelikson-Wnt signaling induces chemokine production and cell migration of circulating human monocytes


Ron Yefet - Monkeypox infection elicits strong antibody and B cell response against A35R and H3L antigens



Panel 2

Keren Reshef - Induction of Treg instability: an approach to improve immunotherapy efficacy


Avishai Maliah - UVB and the immune responsetocancer


Ehud Bar-Niv - Deciphering transcriptional and functional heterogeneity in AMKL in response to megakaryocyte differentiation promoting targeted therapies


Tom Winkler - Loss of chromosome 17p renders breast cancer sensitive to AURKB inhibition


Shiri Shoob - Thalamic Nucleus Reuniens Regulates Resilience to Synaptic and Cognitive Failures in Alzheimer’s Model


Yadid Algavi – A data-driven approach for predicting the impact of drugs on the human microbiome



The 1st MD-PhD Program Student Conference Room 201, Faculty of Medicine

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